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The world of Mork Borg is swollen with desecrated artifacts, putrid items, and cursed creatures. Perhaps you’d like to create even more of them?

This 48 page book consists of two sections.
The first contains crafting and improvement rules for creating generic and unique items for Mork Borg. This includes:

  • 6 types of resources and how to forage for them
  • Crafting rules for creating generic items and a failure table for when things go wrong
  • Improvement rules for stats, effects, and experimental proclivities to generic items and a failure table for when things backfire
  • 8 old-school status effects that can be used in various ways for your campaigns
  • 20 experimental proclivities that turn generic items into legendary gear

Also included is The Worldly Guide to Object Creation: a compendium of 20 epic artifacts that may be crafted, each with an associated postcard adventure that details how your players can find the rarest materials. 20 postcards are included with the book.

The second section of the book details the art of animal husbandry:

  • Rules for capturing and mating two different creatures, and how to maintain control of your new pet
  • Tables for size, litter size, loyalty, and your creature’s favorite treat
  • The Chaotic Creatures table for when you inevitably fail to control your creation

Inside are also 4 all-new classes with a focus on crafting or creature creation:

  • Wood Nymph – perfectly at home in the forest, creates traps, tents, and poultices
  • Blind Craftsman – eschews battle but has a knack for forging and upgrading the tools of the trade
  • The Master – a creature handler with animalistic behaviors that can impart them to his wards
  • The Husbandrist – a creature creator that can breed new behaviors into his children

And even more content:
4 new creatures to hunt
4 collectors looking for the finest goods and pets in the Dying Lands